Turnout Blanket

Every horse needs a light turnout blanket in the spring to fight off the morning chill. In the summer they come in handy to keep pesky flies and other pest at bay.

Once daylight begins to wane, you horse's coat will begin to grow to withstand the chilly winter months. If you plan to show your horse throughout the winter then you'll most likely clip his coat which will mean you'll need to make a commitment to keep him insulated with a heavy weight turnout blanket until things warm up.

In addition, a good turnout blanket will help keep your horse's coat shiny all year round. They are an inexpensive investment in your horse's health and temperament and with a variety of styles to choose from, you'll be impressed at how exquisite your horse looks when decked out in one.

Pony Rugs

While a pony may appear spry and feisty from it's first day, these smaller horses need extra care and protection if they are to stay healthy and fit.

These pony rugs are crafted with top materials from American, Australian, and British manufacturers.

These pony rugs are great to help stop rubbing while at the same time shinning the coat. Most can be used independently or paired with other rugs if the need arises.

Stable Rug

Whether protecting your horse from the cold of winter or keeping their skin from being attached by pest in the summer, a good stable rug is necessity for each and every horse if you want to keep them in top shape.

Choose from designer as well as value priced stable rugs in a number of different colors, patterns, and sizes. Both lightweight and multi-piece cold weather systems are available.

Be sure to look at each item's product details as some are available with free or discount shipping if you order more than one stable rug at a time.

Turnout Rug

Find a fashionable and trendy turnout rug for your horse here.  These rugs incorporate a waterproof and breathable coating and a ballistic nylon shell.  The heavyweight winter turnout rugs include a breathable nylon lining and fiberfill insulation.

Designed to contour to your horse's shape without restricting movement in order to avoid rubbing and steer clear of irritation. Most models feature a scalloped front that continues up the horse's neck, enclosing the shoulder and preventing rain and moisture from entering and reduces the amount of heat that is lost.

Look at each turnout rug carefully when selecting as you’ll find many options to choose from including reflective strips for safety, innovative Leg Arches allows added coverage, Curvofill IV insulation, Bias surcingles, elasticized leg straps.  Some items may be imported.

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Horse Blankets

These beautiful horse blankets will not only keep your horse nice and warm, but they will also work to repel water and keep him dry.  Make of durable materials that are easy to clean and designed for years of use.

Designed with Velcro fasteners with elastic adjustment points, these horse blankets are made to provide freedom of movement without rubbing against your horse or creating hot spots.  Available in solid, print, and foil fabrics.

These popular horse blankets are perfect for show, trail riding, or just work and most are machine washable!  They make great gifts for the horse enthusiast in your life and because they are priced so affordably they are an easy gift to give.